shutterstock_127375142Emcorp Group, via its skilled, experienced and certified assessment team, is located in dozens of countries to assist clients understand their customer behaviour and brand performance. An existing program of Customer Experience Measurement Service Assessments utilising tailored industry Apps are based on CEM profiles that allow for real time qualitative and quantitative data. These profiles have been developed in consultation with brand and industry leaders.

Emcorp Group assessors review all levels of site development from initial consultation through to standards and quality control, customer feedback and tracking performance. Services also include mystery shopping designed specifically for the brand requirement. We coordinate the delivery of a variety of quality based training and education packages to support staff and enable them to implement your brand journey. The process allows clients the opportunity to measure their brand risks against the potential impact. The results of these activities will be used to offer a suite of measures that respond directly to the identified risks in order to improve decision-making, business performance, customer insight, safety and quality.

CEM Technology

Emcorp Group Customer to Staff Survey technology links to a range of other digital platforms, allowing real time measurement of a range of business analytics. Each program is quality control linked and uploaded with a range of media suite attachments for an enriched report experience.

Our in house technology support team provides for real time support, and offers standad technology products or the opportunity to design to specific client requirements to further support your brand.